DATE:                         07/23/2008

START TIME:                   07/23/2008 03:00 EST


DURATION:                     30 Minutes

SERVICES/EQUIPMENT:           CIMH Core Routers / CIMH Distribution Routers

TYPE OF WORK:                 Expansion / Grooming

PURPOSE OF WORK:              Network Capacity Maintenance / Circuit Groom

LOCATION OF WORK:             Charlotte [DC3]

IMPACT OF WORK:               Brief Outage

EFFECTED NETWORK SEGMENTS:    CLT DS-01 A, CLT DS-02 A and B, CLT CR-01 - All Loops - Primary and Secondary Traffic Path to the 13618 AS.

This maintenance will include adding L2 and L3 capacity to our
distribution layer and circuit grooming and reconfig to our core
layer. Rolling outages should be expected as we complete each
segment of our network.

This maintenance will effect IP traffic only.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and we will send a
completion notice and status update once the tasks are performed.


This will only effect the servers we have at    

Thursday, July 17, 2008

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